Ballard Spahr wins protection for Denver journalist

Ballard Spahr LLP: When a trio of extremists tried to intimidate KUSA-TV/9News investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola—going so far as to threaten his safety on social media and take a selfie in front of his home when his wife and newborn daughter were inside—the television station turned to Ballard Spahr for help.

Working with Litigation Senior Counsel Steven D. Zansberg, Litigation Associate Christopher E. Byer persuaded a Denver County judge to issue three permanent civil protection orders against the men, who self-identified as members of “Defend Denver,” an extremist group that has propagated anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ ideology. The three men now must stay 100 feet away from Mr. Jojola, Mr. Jojola’s home, and KUSA-TV/9News headquarters in the Speer neighborhood. They also are not permitted to own firearms.

“Journalists deserve the freedom to do their jobs without facing harassment or intimidation,” Mr. Zansberg said. “Chris’ win is one step of many we’re happy to take on behalf of the news organizations we’re privileged to represent.”

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