Aurora’s secret ballot, isn’t. The mayor did it, backers say

Aurora Sentinel: All signs point to Aurora’s mayor, Mike Coffman, being the instigator of an oblique campaign to place a question on the ballot this fall that would give the mayor the power to veto legislation and replace the city manager as top administrator and the hirer and firer of city staff.

While most of the people associated with the ballot proposal avoided answering questions about its origins and the funding behind the campaign to collect 12,017 signatures from Aurora voters, two of the three “petition representatives” registered with the city clerk’s office now say Coffman asked them to sign on.

Elizabeth Hamilton and Paul Mitchell live just a few doors down from Coffman in south Aurora. When contacted by the Sentinel, they said the mayor proposed the idea to them over lunch. Mitchell said he had not been aware of the initiative until the mayor spoke to them about it, though Hamilton hesitated on whether Mitchell should have disclosed that.

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