Aurora Mayor Coffman suggests moving Elijah McClain protest tactics to closed meetings

Aurora Sentinel: Concerned their presence would incite more violence and chaos, Aurora police stayed out of sight during a destructive protest over the weekend, according to city staff. 

It was a different scene from the protests a month earlier where Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said her officers attempted to form a line between agitators and a peaceful violin vigil honoring Elijah McClain, the 23-year-old Black man that was killed after an encounter with Aurora police 11 months ago. 

The optics of that response were not well received.

“I’m not convinced we’re doing the right thing right now,” Councilperson Juan Marcano said regarding the June 17 protest as tensions between protestors and police slowly amped up that day. “Especially the agitators, they need a target. And if you have two rows of folks out here in turtle gear, that’s the target.”

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