Aurora lawmaker wants city to charge $1,000 permit fee to Elijah McClain protesters

Aurora Sentinel: Aurora city staff are considering options to require permits for protests in and around the Aurora Municipal Center at the request of Councilmember Marsha Berzins, who expressed safety concerns after a recent march for Elijah McClain eventually turned violent.

Berzins implored city staff during a city council study session Monday to find a way to require permits for protests in the city center without infringing on demonstrator’s First Amendment rights.

“I will tell you that this has nothing to do with limiting protests, this has nothing to do with limiting vigils, nothing trying to do with charging money because Aurora needs money,” Berzins said. “This has to do with safety.”

Berzins said the permit process would create communication between police and protesters, so that police could block off streets and interstates and protect demonstrators. “We don’t want people jumping off the 225,” Berzins said. “No one wants a repeat of what happened.”

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