Audio, video recordings reveal first contact with Christopher Watts, investigative process

The Greeley Tribune: Body camera footage of search teams, surveillance camera footage and video interviews with Christopher Watts are among the 50 gigabytes of data released on the now-infamous Weld County triple murder case.

With Watts’ guilty plea and sentence to life without parole this month, the Weld District Attorney’s Office released the entire case file, starting with 2,000-plus pages of written documents and featured this week with a dump of photo, video and audio evidence. In all, the case file will comprise about three terabytes of data, officials have said.

The most recent batch of evidence from the case file reveals in the sharpest detail to date the three, tense August days during which investigators worked every lead in the search for Shanann Watts, 34, Bella Watts, 4, and Celeste Watts, 3, and eventually zeroed in on — and arrested — Christopher Watts.

For two days, Watts maintained the façade of a grieving husband and father, looking, like everyone else, for his loving family. That façade cracked after he failed a lie detector test and confessed to his father in a police interrogation room that he had killed Shanann, a confession that was itself laced with a lie; he said he killed Shanann only after she killed their daughters.

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