Aspen ordered to pay $195,630 to elections watchdog Marilyn Marks

From the Aspen Daily News:  Aspen City Council will pay an attorney fees award of $195,630 to Marilyn Marks, who sued the municipal government over access to voted ballots in the 2009 election.

A district court judge on Friday issued an order granting the amount, following a hearing in January when the two sides argued over what constituted a “reasonable” fee. The court order says the fee will accrue 8 percent interest from March 21. Aspen City Attorney Jim True said that the city could have the check ready by Wednesday, which would put the total amount plus interest at $195,844.

“I do realize there is not a lot of notice to the world” on the decision to pay the fee, True said. But unless the city were to appeal the amount, it’s based on a court order and therefore is not negotiable.

Council members on Monday unanimously said they wanted to put the matter behind them.

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