“Alarming” cover-up allegation brings fresh scrutiny to Colorado’s largely secret judicial discipline

The Denver Post: Some Colorado lawmakers are considering pushing for changes to the state’s largely secret process for disciplining judges in light of a two-page memo released by the Colorado Supreme Court that details alleged judicial misconduct.

The memo became public Monday night amid allegations by former State Court Administrator Christopher Ryan that now-retired Chief Justice Nathan “Ben” Coats approved a deal to give a $2.5 million contract to a former top administrator in order to keep the misconduct detailed in the memo secret.

The document alleges a judge sent a pornographic email via his work account, faced no discipline and then was promoted. It says another judge rubbed his “hairy chest” on a female employee’s back, and that an anonymous allegation of sexual harassment against Coats was destroyed. The memo includes numerous other allegations about sexism and problems throughout the state judicial department.

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