Access to suppressed criminal cases still a problem in Colorado despite effort to make changes

The Denver Post: Sometime Friday afternoon, accused murderer Allen Ford is expected to be sentenced for his role in the gang-shooting death of Andrew Graham as the latter walked home from a Centennial light-rail station more than a decade ago.

At about the same time, a committee of the Colorado Supreme Court is to decide how cases such as Ford’s – suppressed from public view since October 2017 under a judge’s orders, which are also under seal – are to be dealt with and how long they can be kept under wraps.

Still not public is which charge Ford, 28, actually pleaded guilty to back in November as part of a deal and for which he will be facing prison time. His case, along with three other defendants in Graham’s death, remains suppressed from the public. One of them, Joseph Martin, pleaded guilty in February 2018  to a pair of felony charges related to the killing and was sentenced to a 10-year prison term.

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