A phone app that will tell you if you’ve been exposed to coronavirus is about to launch in Colorado. Here’s how to use it.

The Colorado Sun: Colorado is hoping to dramatically expand its coronavirus contact-tracing and notification capacity starting this weekend, with the launch of a new phone application that can alert someone if they’ve been exposed to the virus — but only if people opt into it.

“This is a game-changer for us in Colorado,” said Sarah Tuneberg, the leader of Colorado’s Containment and Testing Team, which worked with tech companies Apple and Google to make the service available.

People in Colorado will begin receiving push notifications on their phones on Sunday telling them that the long-promised, long-delayed app, called Exposure Notification, is available. The app will be automatically installed on Apple phones, and people will be given the option of turning it on through their phone’s settings menu. The app will need to be downloaded to phones that use Google’s Android operating system, with a link to do so provided in the push notification.

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