A new Colorado anti-doxxing law protects health care, child protection, code enforcement workers

The Denver Post: Health care workers, child protection workers, code enforcement officers and other public-facing, but unelected, workers can now get another layer of protection under a new law signed by Gov. Jared Polis last week.

House Bill 1041 allows those workers to withhold their full name and home address from the internet if they attest to being at risk of imminent and serious threats. Or, to use 21st-century terms, the law seeks to cover them if they fear they’re vulnerable to doxxing, where people post addresses and phone numbers to the internet, or use that information to harass the victims.

“(The protected workers) do have a public-facing job, but just because you have a public-facing job doesn’t mean you should have threats against your family or yourself for doing the work you’ve been tasked with doing,” sponsor state Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, D-Fort Collins, said.

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