Weld commissioners say they won’t take private meeting with county council

The Greeley Tribune: None of the five Weld County commissioners will agree to an executive session with the Weld County Council for the purpose of reviewing an audit about their work, commissioners have confirmed to The Tribune in the past week.

The development potentially puts the council in a tight spot, as council members agreed during their July 17 meeting to host an executive session and now may be forced to come up with an alternative.

Council President Brett Abernathy did not return a call seeking comment, but councilman Mike Grillos this past week said he would work “behind the scenes” to prevent the legally questionable executive session. Grillos voted in favor of the executive session July 17.

As of Monday afternoon, the county council had not yet scheduled the executive session with the county commissioners.

Colorado Open Meetings law spells out the reasons for an executive session, a private meeting outside the public eye. Prior review of audit findings, the council’s stated agenda for the session, is not one of those allowable reasons, according to the Colorado Open Meetings Act.

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