Judge rules for Boulder County in open meetings lawsuit

Daily Camera (Boulder): A Boulder District judge has ruled against a Gunbarrel resident who had alleged in a lawsuit that Boulder County commissioners have been violating Colorado’s open-meetings law.

Still alive, however, is plaintiff Kristin Bjornsen’s allegation that the county has also been violating the Colorado Open Records Act.

In the ruling filed on Thursday, Boulder District Court Judge Thomas Mulvahill issued a summary judgment in favor of the Board of County Commissioners.

In her original February lawsuit, Bjornsen had charged that the county commissioners had engaged in a “persistent pattern of conducting improper closed-door discussions of public business, violating the procedural requirements for conducting an executive session.”

Her lawsuit also alleged that the county staff illegally denied her access to some documents she had sought through Colorado Open Records Act requests — and redacted, or blacked out, parts of some of the copies of others that she did get.

Mulvahill’s ruling did not address Bjornsen’s request that the judge order the county to “cease their practice of improperly redacting and refusing to produce documents properly requested” and to provide Bjornsen with the un-redacted documents she sought.

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