Judge orders documents unsealed in Broomfield murder case

Times-Call (Longmont): A Broomfield judge has ordered the release of the arrest affidavit in the murder of a 4-year-old boy, ruling that the case and its proceedings were in the public interest while also noting that a 911 tape outlining the use of an ax as the possible murder weapon already had been released.

Emanuel Joseph Doll, 25, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the case. The 17th District Attorney’s Office initially asked to have the arrest affidavit in the case sealed, but District Judge Mark Warner ordered the documents unsealed after a hearing on Friday.

Warner said the affidavits would be made available for request on Wednesday so officials could make some additional redactions and upload copies into the system.

The order was made over the objections of both Doll’s attorneys and prosecutors.

Chief Trial Deputy Trevor Moritzky said that prosecutors were worried that release of the documents would have a “chilling effect” on possible witnesses and the emotional distress on the family of the victim.

“They don’t want to see that in the news,” Moritzky said. “They don’t want to be confronted by outside people, which has already happened.”

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