Erie to weigh oil and gas mapping measure amid industry resistance

Daily Camera (Boulder): Erie’s Board of Trustees will consider an ordinance Tuesday requiring oil and gas operators to map their pipelines throughout the town. If approved, the town would be one of the first local municipalities in the state to enforce such a measure.

It would require operators to provide maps of existing and new flow lines — a process similar to how traditional development is proposed, allowing for municipalities to eventually file injunctions on operating wells if operators were unwilling to provide maps, according to attorneys specializing in oil and gas matters.

Because the ordinance would fall within the town’s land-use code, it has to progress through the town’s typical development procedures, officials say. It was approved by the town’s Planning Commission last month.

Lafayette could also follow suit later this year, as city officials begin to draft language similar to that in Colorado’s La Plata County.

The measure has picked up steam among the public in the last several weeks, gathering a swath of usual suspects among its supporters as well as drawing the ire of the industry.

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