Editorial: County audit should be released sooner rather than later

The Greeley Tribune: Just give us the darn audit, would ya?

The “us” in this case is taxpayers. The “audit” is the one commissioned by the Weld County Council to explore wait times and office morale at the Weld Clerk and Recorder’s Office, as well as to explore accusations of unnecessary spending and treatment of employees by Weld County commissioners.

All this last-minute wrangling over potential closed meetings to discuss the results of the audit before it is released to the public, and how and when the audit will be released, just makes us more weary and more skeptical of the entire process.

It is going on 15 months ago The Tribune first reported on the complaints leveled against the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The complaints against commissioners are also old news and have received extensive coverage on these pages.

Sure, we’re interested in seeing the results of the audit. Sort of. We wonder if it will really shed new light on the issues, or if it will be just a repetition of the he said, she said accusations that have been flying around county offices for a long time.

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