Cortez fire district shows confusion on public meeting rules

The Journal (Cortez): After an attempt to hold an illegal executive session at their June meeting, members of the Cortez Fire Protection District’s board of directors said on Wednesday they now have a better understanding of Colorado’s public meeting laws.

During the Wednesday meeting, board member Sherri Wright suggested everyone on the board undergo a special training on executive sessions and the Colorado Sunshine Laws, since she believed there was some “confusion” about the subject at the June 14 meeting. Board member Rodney Branson had asked for an executive session at that meeting, even though it was not posted on the agenda as required by the Colorado Open Records Law.

“I strongly recommend that we have a board training to learn this stuff so that we don’t have these discussions again,” Wright said.

But board president Orly Lucero said he and other board members had studied the Colorado Special District Association meeting guidelines, and wouldn’t let such a breach in protocol happen again.

“I think everything came out clear,” he said. “The procedure of the executive session – I think everybody got it.”

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