Boulder voters reject city council executive sessions to discuss plans for electric utility

Daily Camera (Boulder): Boulder has reaffirmed its support for a city-run electric utility, passing a tax renewal that will ensure about $16.5 million in funding for the pursuit over the next three years.

By the time those three years are over, the project to municipalize Boulder’s electric supply will be about a decade old, and even then, the actual operation of this long-sought utility will still be years off.

But the feeling of the voters, evidently, is that the waiting and the challenges ahead are worth the investment.

“Their answer, by a pretty decent margin, was, ‘Yes, please continue,'” said Councilman Bob Yates, who strongly opposes municipalization and helped lead the campaign against it.

“And that’s fine,” he added. “At the end of the day, the voters are always right, and they’ve clearly given us an instruction.”

It was not until Wednesday morning, however, that the instruction revealed itself. In fact, the tax extension and increase, labeled on ballots as Issue 2L, seemed destined to lose early on.

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