Boulder Valley officials say they didn’t disclose $850,000 fraud case because of legal issues

Daily Camera (Boulder): Boulder Valley School District officials are defending originally not releasing information about last year’s $850,000 fraud case, citing ongoing legal concerns.

They’re also talking to committees and other groups about the case, providing assurances that the school district has added safeguards to protect from scammers.

A year ago, a scammer posing as a contractor stole about $850,000 of bond construction money. The district has recovered all but $172,000 of that amount.

The theft came to the district’s attention when contractor Adolfson and Peterson Construction asked for a payment on a past due account, even though the district had been sending payments.

Adolfson and Peterson’s work was part of the district’s $576 million bond issue, approved by voters in 2014.

District officials said they didn’t originally release information about the case at the advice of investigators concerned about tipping off the suspect.

Once about half the money was recovered from the suspect’s bank account and he fled to Nigeria, district officials said, they continued to keep the information quiet because of ongoing legal issues.

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