Boulder residents’ emails to city council to be posted online

Daily Camera (Boulder): Emails sent to the Boulder City Council, of which there can sometimes be hundreds in a week, will automatically be made available to the public, the city’s communications department said Thursday.

Every Tuesday by noon, spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said, all emails sent to the council between the previous Sunday through the previous Saturday night will be posted on a new tab that will be added to the council landing page,

The program will begin today, Huntley said.

Often, when a citizen writes to the council — reachable at or through individual council members’ addresses — their query or comment will be addressed in a response by a city staff member. Staffers are instructed to copy the council on those responses, meaning those emails will be made public, too.

Excluded from the new tab will be council-related emails that do not copy the main council address, which means that correspondence between council members or from council members to citizens will not be posted, though they, too, are matters of public record.

Members of the public can request city staffers’ and elected officials’ emails through the Colorado Open Records Act.

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