Opinion: Public meetings are public for good reason

The Villager (Greenwood Village): Greenwood residents have an opportunity to learn more about the Orchard Station Subarea and the anticipated project’s impact on the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, which also has I-25 corridor implications, at neighborhood meetings this week.

Presently, the Alberta Development folks have withdrawn their application to the city for an up $1.3 billion project of three-million-plus square feet of retail, office and residential development. 

While the city awaits the arrival of the project in council chambers, the city is hosting four public meetings, which have been well publicized in The Villager and the city’s January news publication.

It is somewhat strange that the city has ventured outside of official chambers where elected Greenwood officials, residents, guests and media may chime in unofficially to listen and question the presenter, city staffer Matt Cohrs.

Colorado’s open-meeting laws say official meetings occur when three or more elected officials meet together to discuss governmental business. The meeting then must be open to the public, and that is the case with these district meeting.

While a great public-information ploy, city business should be conducted within city chambers and legal notices should be given to citizens on legally published hearings. Council members should discuss these topics on the record for all to hear. Both sides of the issue should be heard and council members vote the proposal up or down.

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