Editorial: Congress right to press VA on Aurora hospital report

The Denver Post:  Taxpayers in Colorado and across the nation have been kept in the dark far too long about what went so disastrously awry with the mushrooming cost to build the still-under-construction veterans hospital in Aurora.

One would think a billion-dollar overrun for a facility originally slated to cost $604 million would demand a timely explanation. But as we saw again last week, the top brass at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs keeps trying to keep its secrets. Though the VA completed a report on the matter more than a year ago, it has declined to make its findings public. What’s more, the VA has kept information from congressional oversight.

We’re pleased that members of the U.S. House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs have taken action meant to free up that information. Last week, the committee voted to compel VA officials to make available detailed records from the department’s internal investigation into the eye-popping overrun.

After officials announced last year that the cost of the hospital had jumped to $1.7 billion, an investigation by The Denver Post found several reasons to help explain the overruns. Chief among them were mismanagement within the VA and lax oversight.

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