Colorado Springs school district bans books

Colorado Times Recorder: Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs has removed three books from school libraries after receiving a letter from members of a conservative activist group that claims the books meet the legal definition of obscenity, according to emails obtained by a Colorado Open Records Act Request. 

“Recently, we have come across several videos of parents and community members throughout the nation finding sexually explicit books in their children’s school libraries,” read an April 27 email to D20 Superintendent Tom Gregory from Kris Garofalo and Kym Harvey, cosigned by 24 other parents in the district, which in 2020 had an enrollment of over 26,000 students. “Upon further research, we have identified some of these same books in D20 school libraries. Please see the attached Colorado Revised Statute 18-7-102 in reference to obscenity. In summary, promotion of obscenity to a minor is a class 6 felony. Many parent groups have taken a very public approach to escalate this issue and are reading sexually explicit excerpts during their Board of Education comments. We are reaching out directly to you in hopes of a better solution. Given the Revised Statute, removal of these books should be less controversial and not subject to hours of debate during school board meetings.”

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