Aurora City Council approves new campaign finance reporting schedule

Aurora Sentinel: City lawmakers took on three separate transparency measures Monday during the Aurora City Council meeting, but only an alteration to the city’s campaign finance rules was successful. 

The others — a revamp of an ethics code and a set of rules codifying state open records laws into city code — failed to garner enough support. 

Council members Nicole Johnston and Charlie Richardson teamed up to present an ethics code to fellow city lawmakers in the group’s study session. Richardson called the city bill the “miracle on East Alameda Parkway,” a nod to the compromise from the duo who, at one point, had two different versions of an ethics code. 

While a vote to move the ordinance to a formal city council meeting failed, the two members indicated that they will act on their right to introduce it anyway. 

Some council members cited concerns with some aspects of the proposal, especially a provision that would prohibit an elected official from accepting more than $75 for any meals, tickets or gifts from a lobbyist per year.

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