Appeals court to reconsider bystanders’ right to record police

Colorado Politics: Less than a month after the nation’s highest court declined to take up a Colorado case implicating the right of bystanders to record police officers, another man is asking the Denver-based federal appeals court to definitively establish that the First Amendment protects such activity.

Abade Irizarry, who describes himself as a YouTube journalist and blogger, filed a legal brief last week with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. Irizarry is arguing the court should reinstate his lawsuit against the Lakewood police officer who allegedly blocked him from video recording a traffic stop in progress more than two years ago.

The 10th Circuit should “dispel the dangerous notion that government actors in our jurisdiction can continue to infringe with impunity the fundamental constitutional right to unobtrusively film the police in the discharge of their duties in public,” wrote attorneys for Irizarry.

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