El Paso County pays to settle sexual harassment claim but won’t say to whom

Colorado Springs Independent: El Paso County’s Board of County Commissioners on July 25 approved a $67,983 settlement with a woman who alleged she was sexually harassed and retaliated against in the Sheriff’s Office, and now the county won’t say who got most of the settlement money.

And that might not be legal.

The item appeared on the BOCC’s consent calendar, a catalog of items that normally enjoys quick approval with no public comment and no commissioner discussion.

The item settled an EEOC complaint leveled against the Sheriff’s Office on April 18, 2017, from a female who alleged sexual harassment and retaliation. No details of the claim itself were released.

The settlement agreement specifies the “releasor,” the female who filed the complaint, will be paid $47,556.60, and the law firm of Cornish & Dell’Olio will be paid $23,381.40.

The “releasor” also will receive reinstatement of 80 hours of vacation time, paid time off from June 23, 2017, until the agreement was approved, and the county’s promise it won’t contest any unemployment claims sought by the “releasor.”

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