Colorado newspaper battle could define what’s ‘fake news’ and what’s not

KUNC radio (Greeley): A Colorado newspaper is fighting claims that it peddles fake news stories. The publisher of Grand Junction’s Daily Sentinel is accusing a state lawmaker of defamation and threatening a lawsuit. If filed, legal experts said it would be the first of its kind, potentially setting a legal definition for what is considered fake news and what is not.

The dispute began with an opinion column in the newspaper supporting a bill that would give journalists and others greater access to public records. Sen. Ray Scott, a Republican of Grand Junction who serves as assistant majority leader in the Senate, postponed the hearing and vote.

The column urged him to advance it.

“We call on our own Sen. Scott to announce a new committee hearing date and move this bill forward.”

Scott took issue with the column on Twitter. “We have our own fake news in Grand Junction, “ Scott tweeted.

He then added a separate statement on Facebook.

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