Boulder clerk: Request unsettling, but voter data needs to be public

In order to conduct transparent and verifiable elections, the voter rolls must be publicly available to anyone. Politics and personal opinion should not dictate who can receive this information. Without voter registration and vote history being public there would be no way for any outside individual or organization to independently verify our election processes. It would simply have to be a “trust us” scenario with your state or local elected official maintaining the voter rolls with no external oversight.

Controversy resurfaces over Longmont councilwoman’s use of private email

A Longmont council member criticized a fellow council member for communicating with a resident using her personal email account, rather than her city government account — something he suggested violated Longmont’s open-records and “sunshine” policies as they apply to council members.

Editorial: You, too, can hold government accountable in Colorado

Everyone should care that lawmakers were able to find a solution to this problem. As technology advances, it has become easier for the public to be watchdogs of their own government, and as government has grown and the number of journalists has decreased, the Fourth Estate can no longer do it alone. We need your help.

A question of access

A small group of public officials govern Colorado’s nine largest public universities, shaping the economic, academic and cultural landscape of the state for years to come. Yet the majority of these university trustees, governors and regents do not provide a direct way for the public to communicate with them.

Kefalas, Pabon & Gardner: New law a meaningful step forward to modernize CORA

Passage of SB-40 is a meaningful step in the right direction for Colorado, but people who care about government transparency and access to government records must be vigilant. You need to let your legislators know that you expect utmost transparency and accountability in response to those who would argue that the Legislature should reduce access to public records.