Platte Canyon school board votes to increase CORA processing fees to state maximum

The Platte Canyon school board voted Aug. 14 to increase the school district’s processing fees for Colorado Open Records Act requests to the state-allowed maximum of $30 an hour for research and retrieval after the first hour. The move stems from what district officials and board members called abuse of the state open records law.

Salzman: Kudos to a lawmaker who owns her fake news mistake

At a time when the president refuses to correct his own obvious falsehoods, Colorado State Rep. Susan Lontine (D-Denver) should be considered a hero for deleting a fake news item that she shared on Facebook earlier this month―and taking public responsibility for the mistake.

Editorial: Commissioner’s Hillary impersonation is disappointing, but not surprising

Less than a week after The Tribune published a story documenting a number of phone calls between Sean Conway and a couple members of the county’s oversight board under questionable circumstances, Conway responded with his best Hillary Clinton impersonation. Without much explanation, he began using a private email account and phone number to conduct public business, instead of the taxpayer-funded communications lines his colleagues use.

Editorial: Let the public see locations of all oil and gas pipelines

We disagree with Hickenlooper’s assessment that it would be too risky to make public detailed maps of oil and gas transmission, flowline and gathering pipelines. We think this is useful public data that should be available on a statewide basis not only for homeowners and homebuyers to access, but also for researchers and journalists and local jurisdictions to study and analyze.