Transparency concerns raised after Longmont councilors tour fire station with advocacy group

Four members of Longmont City Council attended a tour of Fire Station No. 2, prompted by members of The Way Home committee who are looking at potential sites for a homeless services navigation center, which would include a shelter. Other members of city council were unaware of the meeting until after it happened, triggering concerns over transparency.

Editorial: Make media literacy a priority in classroom

Students spend hours every day engaged in a variety of digital media, but struggle to make sense of what they’re finding. It’s high time to give them the tools they need to comprehend the content they’re blindly consuming.

When Colorado cops police themselves, the public can be left in the dark

Imagine you’re arrested by a Colorado police officer. During the arrest, the officer uses such physical force as to injure you. You file a complaint or hire an attorney, or perhaps the American Civil Liberties Union files a lawsuit on your behalf, or the police decide to investigate themselves. This prompts an internal investigation within that officer’s department.

Editorial: ‘Is this a hill you want to die on?’

Apparently, the county doesn’t think that making illegal decisions in executive sessions is something the community cares about. The public’s right to know and our county leaders following the law should be a hill that we all want to die on. We are not willing to settle for less from our elected officials.

Opinion: It’s your right to know

Sunshine Laws were enacted “to enhance public accessibility to documented records for all meetings and information about general proceedings and decision-making processes.” Sunshine laws emphasize transparency and accountability.