Editorial: Keep our citizens informed

When a report was given in a county meeting, The SUN became aware that the committee had held three or four meetings, some of them in private homes. Those meetings were not properly noticed public meetings as required by Colorado’s Open Meetings Law.

Campaign finance primer: What do soft, hard and dark money actually mean?

Dark money. Soft money. Hard money. When it comes to campaign cash, it’s complicated. So, as the 2018 election cycle heats up, here’s some clarification about what certainly will be an infusion of tens of millions of dollars into Colorado campaigns, with examples and some resources to explore further.

Colorado campaign finance loophole allows dark money flyers

Colorado’s campaign finance law has a loophole that allows printed literature, mailers or other materials about candidates to be distributed without disclosing who paid for them if they don’t include what an elections division manager with the Secretary of State calls “magic words” such as “vote for” or “vote against.”

Bzdek: When newspapers wither, the cost of government goes up

For as long as we’ve had democracy in this country, we’ve had newspapers. It’s worth arguing that one can’t really exist without the other, that the lifeblood of democracy is well-informed citizens. And well-informed citizens don’t exist without media outlets that provide accurate, reliable, local information.