Editorial: Youth autopsy reports

Gov. John Hickenlooper stood for the public’s right to know when he vetoed a bill that would have prevented access to autopsy reports of minors.

Editorial: Shining a light in dark times can bring about good

Coloradans owe the governor both thanks and admiration for making the right decision for Colorado. It would have been easy for him to respond to an emotional request to hide unpleasant information from the public, but it would have undoubtedly resulted in situations in the future where the tools to make sure that governmental services to protect children would have been lost.

Chuck Plunkett on resignation from Denver Post, new gig at CU Boulder

Chuck Plunkett, who resigned as editorial-page editor of the Denver Post, after an executive for the subsidiary company that runs the paper refused to okay a new editorial critical of Alden Global Capital, its vampiric hedge fund owner, has been named director of CU News Corps at the University of Colorado Boulder.