Thornton mayor pro tem agrees to unblock anti-fracking activists on Facebook

Thornton Mayor Pro Tem Jan Kulmann agreed to unblock two anti-fracking activists from her official Facebook page as part of an agreement announced Monday in a lawsuit accusing the elected official — a proponent of oil and gas interests — of violating free speech rights by censoring her government social media page.

Editorial: Longmont police radio silence goes too far

Longmont police dispatch radios have gone silent. We find this concerning, and not just because news is our bread and butter. It’s because what Longmont police respond to, how they respond and what they share with the public is important to our community. And that’s why it should concern you.

Nonprofits funnel millions of dark-money dollars into Colorado politics

Of the 2018 election cycle’s top 10 political donors, at least three are legally capable of bringing dark money into Colorado elections. Because they are nonprofits, The Sixteen Thirty Fund, Education Reform Now Advocacy and Workforce Fairness Institute are privy to a loophole in campaign finance regulations that allows donors to make political contributions anonymously.

Critics cry foul as Denver plans shakeup to public-access media

The nonprofit that runs Denver’s public-access media facility is rallying its users and 300-plus members to appeal to Mayor Hancock to keep the operation in its current home, and to hear their concerns about possible staff and service cuts.

Who’s paying for those political ads? Dark money is tough to track in Colorado

It’s not easy to figure out who paid for a political TV ad or mailer in Colorado. The presence of “dark money” — campaign cash that can’t be traced to its original source — is now a staple each election season. It’s particularly prevalent in the race for governor and battleground state Senate districts. And Colorado’s campaign finance laws allow it to happen.