Visit Estes Park clarifies CORA policy on emails

Visit Estes Park (VEP) CEO Elizabeth Fogarty clarified the Local Marketing District Board of Directors’ recent decision to mark emails private, saying that the new policy would simply not automatically make board emails public.

Editorial: Hickenlooper should sign bill requiring civil asset forfeiture disclosure

We urge Gov. John Hickenlooper not to veto this important bill that also requires law enforcement agencies to disclose their seizure revenue online and document how any of that money was spent. The governor is under considerable pressure to veto this bill from many of the state’s sheriffs, chiefs of police, counties and municipalities.

Herod: In support of transparency and due process

HB 1313, which adds necessary transparency and due process protections to the asset forfeiture practices of Colorado law enforcement, passed out of both chambers by a combined 81-19 vote and is awaiting signature by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Why is it so hard to get police records in Colorado?

The Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act allows public access to law enforcement records such as police reports, arrest records, forensic analysis, witness statements, etc. The CCJRA is similar to the Colorado Open Records Act, the statute that allows public access to government records, but with one big difference – if law enforcement officials really do not want to release something to the public, they usually do not have to.