Greene: The fight for a free press gets real

I’ll spare you a thinky spiel about the First Amendment and cut to the chase: Journalists aren’t just being iced out by the White House. There are enough efforts hindering reporters here in Colorado for all of us to start taking notice.

Editorial: We tell the truth

Journalists in The Denver Post newsroom spend their days in pursuit of the truth. There’s no political filter or agenda belying their printed words, just a desire to inform the public.

Editorial: Misinformation is the real enemy

The mission of our profession is not to damage or attack anyone, but to inform our readers so they can make decisions based on the best information possible. If a public official does wrong and gets caught at it, we believe we best serve the people of our community by reporting on it in as much detail as possible.

Editorial: Colorado cases sealed and suppressed

Look to see if Randolph Romero has had a recent criminal case brought against him and you’ll be met with the official response “no such records exist.” That is a lie perpetrated by one of the many Colorado judges who have proved themselves far too willing to seal court cases, even cases where there is a legitimate public interest.

Weissman: Mystery money is drowning democracy

What may surprise you is that under our state’s currently flawed campaign finance laws, it’s perfectly legal for some types of organizations to distribute campaign flyers anonymously – without any indication of who paid for them.