Editorial: Hickenlooper was right to veto bill that limited review of child autopsies

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper was right to veto legislation earlier this month that would have limited child autopsy review to family members, law enforcement, those going through a related legal process and targeted human services organizations. The public has the right to access those autopsies, usually through news reports, which can help in resulting in good.

The Colorado Sun to launch with former Denver Post ‘A-team’ stars and tech cash

Colorado has a new source for news and it was born out of the newsroom spasms of the venerable Denver Post. The dust had barely settled from the latest round of hedge fund mandated layoffs when the resignations started. Top reporters and editors began announcing on Twitter they were leaving. No one seemed to know where they were going. The answer is an online news startup called The Colorado Sun.

Can digital multimedia fill the Colorado void?

The University of Denver’s Project X-ITE announced it is teaming with the Gates Family Foundation, the Boston Consulting Group and community leaders to develop a business plan and prototype for a sustainable, scalable independent statewide digital news medium for Colorado.

El Paso County hit with $400,000 claim for private information release to Indy

A May 16 demand letter by Janet and William Huffor, who serve as Sheriff Bill Elder’s chief of staff and as a lieutenant, respectively, stems from the county’s inadvertent release on April 16 to the Colorado Springs Independent of the Huffors’ job certain private information, such as their Social Security numbers.

Colorado Springs council seeks recommendations to change executive session policy

A near coup on the Colorado Springs City Council almost canceled a secret discussion about the council’s policies on executive sessions. But despite three council members’ expressions of discomfort over secret meetings, two of them changed their votes minutes later to enable an executive session about executive sessions.