Editorial: County notices essential for an informed public

The public’s right to know would be diminished if government lobbyists succeed in getting the Colorado Legislature to pass a bill phasing out the legal requirement that public notices of county salaries and monthly county financial reports be published in a newspaper.

Editorial: Access restrictions in Blagg murder trial a bitter pill

Judges have to weigh the public’s right to know against a defendant’s right to a fair trial. It’s a delicate balance that usually results in some restrictions on the press in high-profile criminal cases. The scope of restrictions in this case is disappointing for Mesa County residents, who not only saw the case transferred to Jefferson County on fair-trial considerations, but are footing an expensive bill for a second try at justice.

Judge in Michael Blagg trial restricts coverage

The judge overseeing Michael Blagg’s second murder trial has ordered strict constraints on public access following an argument from defense attorneys that having cameras in the courtroom would make it difficult to keep jurors from being exposed to the years’ worth of media coverage in his case.

Loveland and Fort Collins police refuse release of officer conduct documents

In its refusal of the Coloradoan’s open records request for information about the investigation and Chase’s status as an employee, Loveland police cited the officer’s privacy interests, the department’s desire to maintain confidentiality and its desire to protect witness statements.  

Colorado Springs has spent more than $100,000 pursuing and defending against whistleblower

Colorado Springs and its utility have spent more than $100,000 over the past three years jousting with Monument clean-air advocate Leslie Weise. Weise sued the city and Colorado Springs Utilities in 2015 to obtain an air-quality report on the coal-fired Martin Drake Power Plant. Utilities had paid AECOM to produce the report, which never has been made public.