Why one Colorado county took its sex offender list offline

Montrose County, on Colorado’s Western Slope, has pulled its sex-offender list offline, reportedly because of a recent court ruling in which U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch found that such registries constituted cruel and unusual punishment in the case of three plaintiffs. The action was taken despite the fact that the ruling is specific to the complainants in question, rather than everyone on the roster, and Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman has announced her intention to appeal.

Grand Junction council clarifies public comment rules for workshops

For the most part, residents don’t tend to show up at workshop meetings of the Grand Junction City Council. Yet when an issue hits a nerve or impacts their neighborhood, it’s not uncommon for dozens of people to pack the City Hall auditorium’s chairs.

Editor’s column: Why I threw a fit over a closed-door student government meeting

The Associated Students of Colorado State University’s senate is currently in the process of attempting to impeach the student body president. But, they don’t seem to want to tell anyone why they’re trying to impeach him. They tried to call an “executive session,” in order to discuss the alleged violations without the public – including journalists – present.

Boulder County has new web portal for public records requests

Boulder County has updated its online system for processing public records requests. The new website will allow people to submit public records requests, track the progress of the county’s response and download electronic records that others have asked for.

Opinion: Colorado Open Records Act goes ‘native’

The native production provision, which enhances Coloradoan’s access to government information and ensures the transparency expected in the 21st century, is the most important change to CORA providing citizens with a tool for ensuring greater government accountability.