Peck: Open records requests being used for personal attacks

Now that the 2017 election year has to come to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the current state of our electoral system and our ability as a society to attract the best and brightest to serve in government at all levels — from our local offices to the highest in the land. One clear example of a hindrance for us to attract the very best is evidenced by a wacky summer of Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests.

Aspen man learns that complaints filed with the government are no longer anonymous

There was a time when people could file complaints knowing their identity would be confidential. That changed in 2015, when the Colorado Court of Appeals reversed a 2014 decision by a Pitkin County district judge who had ruled Red Mountain resident Elesabeth R. Shook could not inspect government records revealing the identity of someone who complained to the county about a construction project on Shook’s property.

Editorial: Transparency critical in Colorado’s proposal for Amazon headquarters

Colorado plans to make public its bid to land Amazon’s second headquarters somewhere in the Denver metro area and — much to the public’s chagrin — portions of the report likely will be kept private. We certainly hope that when the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation releases the proposal, it redacts lightly and strives for transparency.