Greene: That time a Denver cop made up excuses to handcuff a reporter

I parked and was using my iPhone to shoot pictures of the scene when Denver Police Officer James Brooks, badge No. 07030, blocked me, then got in my face and told me to stop. I said it was a public sidewalk and that I had the right to take photos. He said I didn’t.

Colorado Springs City Council continues secret settlements; legislators call foul

Brown’s closed-door settlement is one of many. The approval reportedly came the day The Gazette previously reported that the council has doled out about $5.4 million in secret meetings to settle a string of cases including racial and gender discrimination. And it came after multiple council members expressed their unease with the process for settling high-dollar cases and said they want to make a change.

Stormwater fees began in Colorado Springs, but some won’t need to disclose what they pay

Properties that are 5 acres or less will pay the stormwater fee without any adjustment for impermeable surface, while those larger than 5 acres will be charged fees determined by the city’s stormwater manager based on impermeable surface. And the latter charges will be kept secret, the city confirms, even though Mayor John Suthers assured the Independent before the measure passed that the records would be transparent.