Colorado universities say they already comply with Trump’s executive order on campus free speech

President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring U.S. colleges to commit to protecting speech rights on campus or lose federal research funding, claiming many schools “have become increasingly hostile to free speech and to the First Amendment.” But Colorado higher-education institutions say they already are dedicated to the free expression of ideas and opinions on their campuses, and are in line with the executive action.

Hefty: Why access to public information is vital for all of us

The government was elected by and to serve the people, and therefore proceedings and many documents belong to us, the citizens. Sunshine laws are a cornerstone to our democracy and help preserve that fundamental relationship between the governing and the governed.

Zansberg: Colorado takes steps toward government transparency as the nation backtracks

This week is Sunshine Week, during which we celebrate our right, as self-governing citizens, to access information that enables us to hold our public servants accountable. The underlying principle is, to quote an important phrase in American declaration, “self-evident”: without access to records that show what our government is doing — with our taxpayer dollars, in our names, and affecting our lives — we cannot maintain a functioning self-governing democracy.

Police scanner access fading as agencies cite safety

While it is “easy to understand why police want to have private radio transmissions,” encrypting can present a host of problems for the news media, said Tompkins, whose institute is a nonprofit school for journalism that is a nationally renowned resource on media issues.