Kefalas, Pabon & Gardner: New law a meaningful step forward to modernize CORA

Passage of SB-40 is a meaningful step in the right direction for Colorado, but people who care about government transparency and access to government records must be vigilant. You need to let your legislators know that you expect utmost transparency and accountability in response to those who would argue that the Legislature should reduce access to public records.

Editorial: Visit Estes Park board continues to struggle with transparency

Visit Estes Park reacts to calls for transparency as though they were an attack on the organization itself. It has stated that it is a transparent board, but has made recent moves to cut off access for the press to its board members, has turned public comment into an after thought at the end of the meetings and reacted harshly when board member Charley Dickey shared routine emails about scheduling a board meeting with the Mayor, and thus with the public at large.

Editorial: Greeley City Council agenda lacking

The Open Meetings Act requires advance notice for all meetings in which a quorum is present and some action is taken. Our position is that properly noticing the meeting would include specifying what the meeting is about.

Three years after FOIA request, Air Force Academy releases emails related to scandals

The new communications strategy, which wasn’t publicly announced, was revealed in more than 200 pages of emails that it took the Gazette three years to obtain under the Freedom of Information Act. The newspaper sought the records while investigating athlete misconduct that put 32 players under scrutiny for acts including drug use and sexual assault.