Editorial: Keep Colorado and local government open and honest

State lawmakers are, finally, closer than ever to passing a measure that would modernize Colorado’s treasured open records laws, saving taxpayers money and saving time and money for those who want information from their state and local government that must be made available to them by law.

Colorado campus free speech bill scores full House support

Colorado’s campus free speech bill won a unanimous 64-0 vote on the state House floor. It was another triumph of bipartisan support for a bill that was early linked in the minds of lawmakers to contentious conservative cable-news narratives but that broke increasingly free with each committee and floor debate to be embraced as productive and important public policy, turning skeptics into supporters all along the way.

Editorial: Sunshine grades

In the spirit of Sunshine Week, we offer our annual assessment of how well local agencies let the sun shine on their actions and if they’ve run afoul of open-meetings and open-records laws.

First Amendment triumphs in court

District Judge Shelley Hill ruled that a Jan. 26 court hearing should not have been closed to the public, and the transcripts should be released.

Sunshine Week spotlights transparency, public’s right to know

Government both represents and is funded by citizens and taxpayers, which is why government records belong to the public. National Sunshine Week is about the public’s right to know what happens within the government bodies that work on behalf of citizens.